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The Wilson GT at Ingliston 4th September 1966, raced by Alastair Mackintosh

Jo Marquart [later of Lotus, McLaren (he was cheif designer) Modus etc.] designed the car for Edinburgh garage owner Tim Wilson and was Jo's first car design.

The Wilson GT, is a space frame two seat group 4 racing car from 1965. It was originally powered by a Ford push rod pre-cross flow 1598cc engine mated to Hewland gearbox.

Rear view with Alistair working on the Wilson GT

If you have any information on the Wilson GT (aka Wilson Ford), please please get in touch.

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location unknown

Croft Wills Trophy 14/8/1966

1st           John Surtees                      Lola T70 mk2
2nd          Hugh Dibley                        Lola T70 mk2
3rd           Tony Dean                          Brabham BT8
4th           Innes Ireland                     Willment BRM
5th           David Hobbs                       Ferrari 250 LM
6th           Julian Sutton                      Attila mk7
7th           Malcolm Wayne               Elva mk8
8th           Nick Cussons                      Ford GT40
9th           Geoff Breakwell                               Brabham BT8    
10th         P Clarke                                Ferrari 250 LM

DNF       Brian Redman   Lola T70 mk2 (accident),   Bruce McLaren  McLaren Elva mk2, 
Chris Amon McLaren Elva mk2  David Prophet  McLaren Elva mk2, Gerry Kinnane Crossle,
Brian Muir   Lotus 30, J Delmar-Morgan Brabham BT8, John Pollock  Crossle, David Driver Elva
Ben Moore Lotus Ford, Eric Liddell Ford GT40, Jeff Edmonds Ferrari 250 LM, Gerry Ashmore Lotus 40

DNS John Dean Lotus 30, Chris Ashmore Elva, W Freer Lola mk1,  Denny Hulme Lola T70 mk2,
Derek Bennett Chevron B4, John Blades Ginetta G4, Digby Martland Chevron,M Walton  Diva,
T Y Wilson Wilson GT

The race was run in 2 heats and a final, The Wilson GT finished it's heat and in a faster time than some qualifers from the other heat - and it was in some very good company!

space frame build up July 2013

The space frame has now been re-instated based on the period photographs and the period FIA appendix J group 4 rules that the car was originally built around.

a 1500cc Ford 'pre cross flow' engine has been sourced and is being rebuilt with the foucus on reliability rather than out and out power [let's be honest, the Wilson with a push rod Ford and the weight of the roof etc. is in the same class as Lotus 23B twin cams so is unlikely to be at the front - hey ho!].

We are looking for  Hewland mk8 or earlier to meet the requirements of the current FIA appendix k (if anyone has one please drop and email), however currently we are foucusing on sorting the spaceframe and the bodywork as from experiance we have found this is what takes all of the time (which we never have any of with trying to keep the 500's together) and need to be done before the space frace is 'blasted' and painted.

all the existing parts loose assembled - these photos were from the advert and do make the car look some thing like complete - it is not and will be a major rebuild.

Wilson GT space frame, from the advert.

you can see the roof has been cut off, allways a worry when a small diameter tube space frame car has this done, we are lucky that the 'spider conversion', was not finish as it may well be the car would not exist if it had been run like this.