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The MG was put back together to run the number one son to is end of school do, went quite well and lets face it far more style than any of these streched limos.

New old block has been sourced and the crack in the water jacket cold stiched and welded over, so just needs putting back together.

Shelsley Walsh Hill climb 3/7/05/05 and Oliver's Mount Hill climb the following saturday 9/7 were both marred by a fuel starvation problem at high revs. This was finally sorted on run 3 at Elvington sprint on the sunday 10/7/05, on run 4 it all went wrong, having hit something just before turn 1 unknown to me the sump had been cracked and we were dropping oil at an alarming rate. just before the final turn the oil pressure in the head had dropped to a level where the rockers started to nip up and a rocker shaft broke. Having now pulled the engine down, it has got quite hot, and most of the piston rings have broken up and the bores have seen better days and the top of the block is cracked! (they are already out to +60 thou'- so I think this race engine has reached the end of the line, time to build a new one up.

The black and green M showing new type cast water jackets.

This is the 1929 Blue M type that Karen got at the end of 2004, as you can see it is in kit form and will require a fair amount of work to get it up and running. Iain and David have now got themselves a 1929 Morris Minor chassis to build up as a vintage special, so things are very getting cluttered at home.

Loton Park hill climb, 25th 26th September 2004. After an early start, driving down from the Lake District with the MG in tow we flew through scrutineering with no problems. The MG is still not behaving itself the new head needs valve guide so is oiling up the spark plugs and the loose fly wheel has damaged the rear bearing causing a bad oil leak into the bell housing (we hammered a bung in so we could play). Loton – what a fantastic hill set in very beautiful parkland. My 1st run was red flagged so I gained that one back the rerun and my second run showed an improvement. On the Sunday the 1st timed run was a disaster, as I threw the M onto the grass just before triangle with a quick bit of arm waving while holding the steering wheel we were back on braking hard for triangle, but the rest of the run seemed ok. The final run was a 95, which just wasn’t fast enough, bad wheel spin at the start and going through museum (SEE PICTURE) and not enough power on the long climb to the top, so its pull the engine back down time again.

So we made to Harewood, passed scrutineering with no problems. On the first practise run sat in the que for the start water started running out under the M, the radiator draim tap had vibrated open! 1st run was a tad tentative as the track was wet, but we held it together and didn't trough it off into the grass. 2nd run was 3 second quicker and great fun even if the gear knob came off changing down in to second. The gear changes were not good struggled to find a clean change going down and this was to prove to be a problem. After diner it was our fist actual run, because of the bad gear changes I decide to stay in second, went throught the speed trap at 38mph - second was a tad to low as I was bouncing the valves, the gear change had not inproved and a knocking now was herd, the fly wheel had come loose - so that was it. A great day and 'am looking forward to the next one.

It's now May 2004 and we are at the trial fit of the body bits (thats why the wings have wooden blocks under them). I've made the Brooklands type exhaust from info from the VSCC forum and there is a fish tail at the back but not a great photo. Well just the electrics, brakes, cooling, fuel system .........etc etc to sort and we're there!

In June 2002 we got a 1931 MG M type with the aim of rebuilding it to take part in Vintage Sports Car Club events (racing/hill climbs). The MG was bought as a rolling chassis with engine (very siezed) and gearbox in an unrestored state. We decided early in the project to rebuild the M type as a double 12 replica ( sort of the GTI of the MG M type) so the project goes on the engine after being freed off with a blow lamp and sledge hammer was rebuilt, then some genuine 1931 race parts turned up so the engine was taken to bits again! By september 2003 we had nearly all the bits and just need to put it all back together again.Spoke or typed too soon! pistons in con rods in crank in - Oh NO it won't turn over it dosn't all fit! alright out with the grinding bits to get the con rods to clear, after grinding away at the block for some years, the engine now turns over. It lives, on the 2nd of January 2004 the engine started and ran for the first time in nearly 40 years and by heck does it rev. Well now the engine is back together, it's time to reassemble the M. The engine is back where it belongs and hopefully things are coming together. Just built a brooklands can type silencer (thanks to them on the vscc forum for the plans) and we're now on to the body work - We now have a deadline of 21st August 2004 for the vscc 70th Anniversary Hill Climb at Harewood House near Harrogate.

The 1931 MG M type in kit form but a bit futher on, it was a warm sunny day but I told you need to wear the right hat and gloves in a racing car! The Vintage sports car club VSCC can be found at www.vscc.co.uk . Lower down the page there is a picture of the engine in the workshop, as you can see it's a small workshop and it was kind of loud when the engine was running on the bench.

This is the M types engine sat on the bench at home, as you can see this was just after a test run asthe battery cables are held on with mole grips. The engine has had the original damaged crank shaft replaced with a counter balanced one and the cam shaft has been uprated to C type spec, so the engine should rev quite well.