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3 wheels on my wagon2013 season was not our most succesfull it started with the Commander York Trophy at Silverstone, having gone out for practise halfway round the first lap I remembered that I hadn't fitted the transponder so back into the pits after a lap. After David grabbed the and fitted the transponder from the van out again. After a quiet out lap I had a big spin which I was suprised to be unable to catch - the sparks coming past my ear were a give away that not all was well!
Anyway, the shaft was rebuilt over night and we made the 2nd race but the mice got the piston (it ran lean an melted it) but it was a great race with James Grey in the Comet whilst it lasted.

Cadwell was next - another engine failure, by now the engine issue in the Revis was beginning to wear thin - Andy Turner jumped in and took the JAP away to have a play with it.

Mallory - well we made it to the flag 4th however 2nd fastest lap only one of the Nortons (Roy Hunt) was quicker by 0.26 of a second! - thanks Andy.

Croft - layshaft bearing let go in practise - resultant failure was spectacular - shaft, gears and casing spread down the track. So gear box change and out for the race but after a few laps we had a missfire that got worse as we went on 'till we had to stop (the nipple on the points carrier had sheared off).

Oulton Park Gold Cup, practise was rubbish the gearbox we had put in at Croft now decided that it would not stay in 4th. Having re-set the selectors we went out to race the Revis was quick, really flying (thanks again Andy!) and we were challenging for 3rd. Finally a great race battling with Gordon Russel and Mike Fowler, but spoilt when the clutch went, but we still hung on for the last few laps to get 6th having been caught on the line - heyho but this is beginning to becoming frustrating.

France - here we go again clutch again (new clutch!) in race 1 but got 5th and the fule tank was leaking again (had started at Oulton) in Race 2 was in 2nd and 3 for most of the race and then than another gearbox layshaft bearing fail (not as bad as Croft) but that was that.

Snetterton was a sad day and as a result my heart was not in the racing, car was crap as well.

Cadwell agiain - engine in practise and very wet then the meeting was abandoned due to the rain.

very wet Donnington Park race 20122012 season, was a season of ups and downs, 1st race out was Donnington and as the picture shows was a tad damp, having destroyed an engine in practise we were down mis field for the start. after a couple of laps 3rd was ours an avoidance move when challenging for 2nd endded with a very high speed spin into retirement - this set the tone for the season, if we could keep the Revis in one piece it was very quick - however keeping it in one piece was a problem

France gave us two DNF's howere Sweden gave us a 3rd, the 1st podium since 1954, though the 2nd was yet another DNF, back to Pembrey Wales, a week later was a win agin the 1st since the 50's, the rest of the season was down to more engine blow ups.

Pembrey 2012

Following the win at Pembrey, another engine blown up in practise for Croft with a spin and enigine issue in the race and a very lack luster run at Snetterton, we were very suprised to win the 'John Turner' Trophy for the best overall results in the season for a JAP powered 500.

grass cutting at Croft 2012

Rockingham - the end of the 2011 season, well we had to run the Revis, now fitted with the old nail JAP engine, practise went well but a brake issue and a bounce off the armco ended the race early.

First two events that the Revis has been at in many years, well decades, so 2 DNF whilst disappointing was not to unexpected.

After a mad rush, the Revis was finally fully assembled the week before the Goodwood Revival meeting (we had run 2 sessions at Mallory testing we an early set of bodywork).

Back to Goodwood, 57 years after the appearance which was also in the Earl of March Trophy. Practise was cut short by a magneto failure - the points fell off, so much for a proffesionaly rebuilt bit of kit! On our one flying lap we qualified 17th which for the first time we had run the car in anger was quite pleasing. The plan originally was change the engine for the spare 'the old nail JAP' which has come to ours and others rescue on a number of occasions, however as it traced to just loose points, we fixed the problem. In the race which was very damp, the flag fell and we were off passing others right and left - superb. got pushed off on to the grass and lost a few places crossed the line lap one up to 10th push on - BANG...BANg...BAng...Bang...bang... silence. just 1 lap and it was over, the crank pin had snapped clean and made a mess of the engine.

But what a great weekend, we'd do it all again a the drop of a hat, thanks to all who helped us get to Goodwood and at Goodwood and to Goodwood itself.

Reg Bicknell in the Revis 500 in 1954, when he ran the car with the distinctive aero-nose.

The Revis in 2010, still a little way to go.