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Latest up date was  8/5/2014

At the VSCC Sliverstone Spring Start meeting (13th April 2014), Richard in the Revis was involved in a coming together with John Turner in a Cooper. Both drivers were racing hard and as a result unfortunately both drivers
suffered some damaged.

Richard has a stable fracture in his lower spine, after 2 weeks in Northampton Hospital he has been sent home and is currently looking forward to returning to historic racing when able.

update - X rays taken on the 7th May show the fracture is beginning to heal, however further X rays and investiagtion will be required in 6 weeks or so to determine if surgery will be required.

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The Cooper 500 mk II is a 1948 formula 3 race car
The Revis 500 is a 1951 formula 3 race car
The Iota 500cc Formula 3 show the 1949 project
The Wilson GT is a 1965 group 4 sports/race prototype
TVR Grantura is our 1961 race car project
The vintage racing covers our 1931 MG M type

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